Feb 21

Happiness is within you Part One – The Utopia of Modern Happiness

During recent decades, when we’ve learned to commercialize everything, happiness not being exempt, the consumer society from which we stem has made us evolve from beings in search of larger-than-life genuine happiness perhaps at times unattainable, but at the very least that made one dream, to beings living from one passing delight to the next. …

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Dec 25

What meaning does Christmas have for you?

On the eve of this holiday season, I would like to share my thoughts on the meaning of Christmas, for you to ponder over. Thus, for not so long ago, this holiday mainly reflected a religious nature, at least in regards to people of the Christian faith. And since a certain level of humanism and …

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Jun 19

Father’s Day

While I was at the “I can do it Toronto” conference last May, I participated in a group meditation where we were asked to clear our minds and to try to remember a happy moment from our childhood. It took me back to a memory of my father sitting on the floor, his back against …

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Dec 03

Do we journey on after our last breath?

Do we journey forward after our last breath? Does physical death signify the end of our being, the ultimate death? It all depends on how we define “Being.” Interestingly, a press release by the Pasteur Instituted, dated June 12 [1], 2012, establishes that muscle stem cells survive 17 days post-mortem in humans and 16 days …

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Sep 25

Can blind faith be applied selectively?

“As soon as a topic deemed “paranormal” is brought up, it is met with more scepticism than any by the scientific community, our entourage and society in general. For example, when a patient claims that they feel the presence of God, they are perceived as appeased. However, if they are fearful because they claim to …

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Jul 05

My retirement from the Canadian Forces – 1 Mai 2014

Well, I can tell you that it’s much easier to decide to join an organization than it is to leave it; To know when to leave though, to recognize when the time has come for you to move on to something else can be difficult, even worrisome. But yet, it can also be hearth warming …

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May 14

Harmonious communications, a parental responsibility

An original idea by Katherine Dufort (daughter) Review contributor, Alexandre Dufort (son) In recent discussions with work colleagues, my daughter came to the realization that some of their family relationships were not as harmonious as our own. She then went on to suggest, to my delight, that I should write an article about our success …

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Aug 15

Being true to one’s self

Being true to one’s self, a true challenge! Indeed when you look at it more closely, it seems that most of the time, it is easier for us to have an opinion on what is good for others rather than ourselves. However, since no one knows us better than we do ourselves, shouldn’t it be …

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