Jan 31

The English site is now fully functional

I just put the final touch to my English blog and wanted to share its latest developments with you. Its setup is therefore complete, for now that is, and you’ll find two functionalities which will make it easier for you to stay in touch with future developments. First, you’ll be able to register your email address in order to be kept appraised when new articles and/or pages are published. Furthermore, for the ones who would wish to comment my articles, know that, unless you deselect the option, you’ll be automatically made aware when someone adds to your initial comment. This will foster tribe member interaction and establish real dialogues between us. I therefore invite you all to register your email address and encourage you to comment any if not all my articles. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, your comments matter to me.

Finally, if you like what my blog brings you as it comes to life, don’t hesitate to make it known to others since the more we are to contribute to it, the more enriching and diversified will be our interactions.

Now, let’s all go back to our reflections…

© 2011, Jacques Dufort. All rights reserved.

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