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Name: Jacques Dufort
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Feb 14

A first glance at the conscious and the subconscious self

When you consider all the tasks that we accomplish in our daily lives, without even thinking about them, it seems plausible that we possess an unconscious part to our being. Normally referred to by some as the subconscious, this part of our brain, if they are right, would be the one responsible for executing simultaneous …

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Feb 06

What makes us who and what we are?

  As I mentioned in one of my earliest articles entitled “The meaning of life”, I believe it’s of the upmost importance to “first learn to know ourselves better, to see our true selves without a mask…learn to understand ourselves better as people, to understand how our bodies and brains work”. With that in mind, …

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Sep 18

The institution of marriage…that battered darling.

At my daughter’s wedding on August 9th of this year, I gave a speech which stems from the passages of my current work in progress, a book about how we can rethink our relationships in order to counter the growing trend of divorced/separated couples. The preliminary title is: “Rethinking your couple” with a subtitle “In …

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Aug 31

Never better

“Never better” is what I answer most of the time when people ask how I’m doing. And their astonishment to my response never ceases to surprise me. Could my approach to the turmoil of life be so different from their own, different to the point that my answer leaves them bewildered? Thus, although this approach …

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Aug 20

Living without regret

It is entirely normal to experience regret. It’s an uncontrollable emotional reaction that can occur whenever we make a decision. It occurs when a doubt related to the adequacy of our choice persists when there is more than one suitable option on the table and it is even more probable in situations where the decision making …

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Jul 21

It’s my birthday… so what?

It’s my birthday today, but so what? Not that I would get offended if you wished me “Happy Birthday”, but I’m left feeling slightly indifferent about it because I don’t really understand what there is to celebrate. What is a birthday other than a highlight of the fact that we’ve accumulated one more year of …

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Jun 09

The three A’s of a good reputation

“Like a house of cards, a good reputation is built on a solid foundation. It is difficult to build and it can crumble at the slightest false move. “ Jacques Dufort As mentioned in a previous article entitled: I am “The philosopher pilot” I intend from now on, whenever appropriate, to present my articles under the banner: ” The philosopher pilot in pursuit of… :”. So …

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Jun 02

I always think I’m right…don’t you?

Following the many discussions I’ve had with my wife over the years, where just like any other good couple we exasperated in trying to prove to one another that we were right once again, I actually began to wonder. I wondered how it was possible for her to claim to be right when I knew …

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