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Jacques Dufort
The philosoper pilot
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  • Airline pilot
  • Flight simulator instructor
  • Member of the Canadian Forces Air Reserve

Social Implications:

  • Creation of “La tribu des réfléchis” 2010 and of “The reflected tribe” 2011
  • Founder of “Franco-Phare”, Quinte’s only French cultural and community organization 2002-2008. (Unfortunately, the organization ceased operations in June 2012)
  • Member of Quebec’s Air Cadet league executive committee 2000-2002
  • Member of Quebec’s Air Cadet league aviation committee 1998-2000
  • Member and Interim president of “École Cité-Jeunesse” school’s counsel.

My aspirations:

  • Be an inspiration to others
  • Become a personal growth writer
  • Become a keynote motivational speaker

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