Category: Nostalgia and aging

Jul 21 2012

It’s my birthday… so what?

It’s my birthday today, but so what? Not that I would get offended if you wished me “Happy Birthday”, but I’m left feeling slightly indifferent about it because I don’t really understand what there is to celebrate. What is a birthday other than a highlight of the fact that we’ve accumulated one more year of …

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May 19 2012

Eulogy for my mother

My mother passed away on November 7th, at the age of 81 as she succumbed to Parkinson’s disease. Besides me, her son, she is survived by her daughter France, our respective spouses Élaine and Michel and my two children, Katherine and Alexandre. This was the main reason for my absence from the blog over the …

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Dec 05 2011

The 100 hours funeral marathon: from where the importance of having a draft eulogy

As some of you know, my father passed away on February 22, 2011 early in the day. And from the moment I received the sad news up until the reception following the funeral service; only 100 hours had elapsed. At first glance it may seem like a lot, but now that I had to live …

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