May 19 2012

I am “The philosopher pilot”

The philosopher pilot… Do I really have the right to label myself as such? Note that I am using the noun “philosopher” in its broadest sense, while I attempt to adjectively characterize myself as someone who is “philosophical” by nature. Hence, I do not claim to have studied philosophy per say, nor to be a renowned philosopher like Plato, Socrates or Epicurus, to name just a few. However, as defined in the French version of Wikipedia , I am: “A person that reflects through its own reasoning on the world and existing beliefs, in order to acquire  wisdom or to better understand life, in the hope of being happier or freer.” Consequently, this makes me a philosopher.

Furthermore, I consider to be worthy of the “philosophical” adjective, since as mentioned in that same definition, I acknowledge having a resilient capacity to accept things philosophically. It further states “… when facing large or small existential events, one demonstrates patience, courage, serenity”. Being a philosopher is therefore being someone who deals with events through reflection while demonstrating wisdom and serenity, being someone resilient rather than someone resigned. So, considering that last statement and considering that I am also a pilot by profession, it therefore seems quite legitimate to appropriate myself of this title without any pretense, as it suits me perfectly.

My current philosophical journey actually originated from an idea that I had more than 15 years ago. In fact, early in my life as a father, an ardent desire developed within me to convey my thoughts and my philosophical observations on everyday life, about human nature and about life itself, to my children who were too young at the time. Realizing that I could not do it verbally because I sensed that they would never listen to my long dissertations (who could blame children for not being up for such an exercise), I started writing to them instead. Indeed I began composing a booklet that I had simply titled “Bequeath to my children.” This booklet would allow me, when the time came, to share with them my thoughts and thereby to promote their success and blooming into adulthood. It’s from this personal family initiative project that the “Philosopher Pilot” arose. Over time, I decided to broaden my audience to anyone who would like to read my thoughts which are inspired by these early writings. This way, countless people could benefit from what was originally intended only for my two children.

The Philosopher Pilot concept will therefore allow me to house all initiatives that I intend to implement under the same banner (books, articles, blogs, conferences), which will facilitate their publication and subsequently, their marketing. Thus, for example, I am currently preparing a series of articles entitled “The philosopher pilot on the quest for…”. This way, the ellipsis will be followed by topics such as: happiness, personal and professional achievements, love, popular success, self-understanding, to name just a few. The Philosopher Pilot title shall always appear in one way or another, in the title of my books, my workshops and my lectures. Think of it more or less as my trademark.

Finally, drawing inspiration from two well-known personalities on the media scene in Quebec, allow me to familiarize you with the context of my approach.

Thus, in terms of style, I long to find my place between  Jacques Languirand and  Jean-Marc Chaput, as ideally, I aspire for the core to be more like Jacques Languirand‘s while the form or presentation be more like Jean-Marc Chaput‘s. Recognizing the value of Jacques Languirand‘s words, one must admit that they are mostly intended  for a minority of people, usually of the scholar type, rather than the rest of us mere mortals. In contrast, even if Jean-Marc Chaput‘s speeches may seem more superficial as they are often inspired by the trivia of everyday life, one can’t help but to recognize his wide popularity and therefore his ability to reach people.

Delivering a lecture for a full audience at the Montreal’s Place des Arts (1453 seats) is nothing less than spectacular and that’s what Jean-Marc Chaput managed to achieve. This is why when it comes to both my writings and lectures I take on the mission to vulgarize as much as possible without distorting the message so that my speech may inform, challenge and promote reflection among a large part of our society; Hopefully as large as possible.

In the meantime, allow me put you in suspense as to my next article which will be entitle “I’m always right … and so are you”. Have I piqued your curiosity enough?
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