Dec 16 2011

The reflected tribe is not a sect

For those that may be annoyed with my choice of the term “tribe” in “The reflected tribe”, let’s begin by defining what a tribe is, or rather what it is not as stated in our title.

Some people seem to confuse the terms tribe and sect. However, as suggested on  a “sect” represents a group of individuals that share distinctive religious, political or philosophical beliefs. Hence, not necessarily sharing common beliefs and since each one of you is free to accept or reject my ideas and free to adopt or reject my philosophy of life, “The reflected tribe” can therefore not be considered a sect. In addition, it can even less be considered as such when we take into account the fact that sects are often associated with a certain religious fanaticism. Thus, as “The reflected tribe” in no way promotes or associates with any given religion and that everyone is free to share their opinions in a respectful manner (not always the case with organized religious groups) the Reflected Tribe is therefore definitely not a sect. And although all sects are tribes, all tribes are not sects.  So I encourage you all to comment my articles, but even more importantly, I hope that “The reflected tribe” might lead to meaningful exchanges between its members whether they take place on the blog or via the Tribe’s Facebook page.  The Tribe can only find full meaning and purpose through the voice of all of its members.  So without hesitation, trust yourself and be heard through your comments!

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